Tabasco Tech Cont is a leading and reputed company by providing skilled or unskilled manpower for the benefit of construction industry. Since its setting up in 2004, Tabasco has been a part of a large number of prestigious projects, both commercial and residential. Today the company boasts of envious record of accomplishments, renowned reputation and exemplary goodwill which is recognized and appreciated by all the clients we have rendered our services to.

Tabasco has over a three thousand of well disciplined and skilled workers, with an efficient supervisory staff and management. This workforce is well experienced in all aspects of their profession and meets the demands of the clients while placing due emphasis on the aspects of Health, Safety and Environment. Tabasco a division of Thanna Group of Companies which has its Head Office located in Sharjah.

The Group has a number of companies in UAE and India under its banner.

•  Tabasco Tech Cont LLC (Sharjah Corporate Office)
•  Tabasco Tech Cont LLC (Dubai Branch)
•  Consent Building Cont LLC
•  Tabasco Gen Cont (Abu Dhabi)
•  Tabasco Investment and Real Estate.
•  Al Ameen Diesel Trading L.L.C.
•  Khadamaty Al Mumyza Businessmen Services
•  Al Zaab Tech Cont L.L.C
•  Tabasco Hindustan Infra Developers Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Our Vision

To be one of the best agencies in UAE dealing with provision of manpower on sub-contract basis in terms of quality, number of workers, services and reliability.

Our Mission

We will utilize the best suited and skilled workers for the completion of given assignment.
We will ensure that all requirements and conditions as agreed with the client are complied with in letter and spirit and the assignments are completed well in time.
We will be open, receptive and genuine in our actions.
We will create a healthy and injury free working environment at the work site.

Message From The Managing Director

From a very humble beginning in 2004, Tabasco Tech Cont, the flagship company of the Thanaa Group of Companies, has come a long way. As one would look at this three thousand employee strong company today, one would see that the company has grown from strength to strength and carved out a name for itself. Today Tabasco name is synonymous with performance, commitment, excellent services and exemplary cooperation with the client.

Today we have our operations spread across all seven emirates while working with all major construction companies of UAE. We have won the trust of our clients due to our hard work, commitment and enviable service that no one else can match. With dedicated staff and necessary infrastructure in place we are in a process of implementing our plans for further expansion and growth, both in terms of employees and clientele. Once completed, I am sure, Tabasco will be identified as the leader in this sector. I invite all our current and future clients to utilize our expertise and human wealth in meeting their objectives and forge a new relationship.

Basheer M.
Managing Director