At Tabasco, we abide by three cardinal principles. SAFETY, SAFETY and SAFETY. To us, safety is not expensive; it’s Priceless! We have an all-pervasive QHSE culture at Tabasco. As one of the leading Human Capital experts in the region, we are resolute to adapt and comply with our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Policy to intensify our performance, structured on principles of perpetual improvement and sustainable development.

  • To enhance our leadership position in the Human Capital industry.
  • Improve client experience by providing exceptional services with quality and building an immutable relationship through a pro-active approach.
  • Guarantee consistency in the quality of our workforce and improve their efficiency through training to handle professional skills.
  • Upskill Employees and ensure their safety, health and welfare.
  • Ensure that our facilities and equipment are of the finest quality.
  • To always aim for Zero accidents and LTI’s at the workplace.
  • Provide superior quality PPE and gear at the workplace.
  • Ensure the safe handling of tools and other materials.
  • Provide instructions to execute emergency procedures, including evacuation in a fire, accidents, near-miss and other incidents.
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of laws, regulations, standards and other requirements.
  • Ascertain safe driving habits
  • Diminish exhaustion of natural resources through its optimal use.
  • Exercise recycling and re-using methods where practicable.
  • Design and implement facilities and conduct activities keeping in mind the safety of the environment
  • Educate and train our employees on environmental matters and its effects
  • Practice minimization of pollution and harm by using eco- friendly equipment and vehicles in the daily operations of the business.